Children's Comments:

"It is really fun, because you can do lots of colouring and making, and I really like that" - Amelie Aged 7

"Fantastic Fun Club is the most fantastic club in the world, because we get treats on Friday" - Belle Aged 8

"There are lots of things to play with" - Benjamin - Aged 9

"It's the best, because we get to have fun" - Henry Aged 5

" There is Lego and games, and I like playing with my friends outside" - Teddy Aged 7

"It is fun because there is loads of stuff to play with" - Abey Aged 10

"I like drawing and making things" - Tamsyn Aged 5

"Bonnie even does our hair for us!" - Holly Aged 8


Parent's Comments:

FFC is a wonderful asset to the school for working parents.

Love the fact that it is so flexible.

FFC staff are superb and my son loves attending.

The children really love it and prefer this (FFC) to coming home.