Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is staffed by:

Mrs Victoria McLuskie - Playleader - 5 mornings a week

Mr Ian Cuthbert - Playworker - Mon, Tues & Fri

Mrs Natasha Hannaford-Hill-Peters - Playworker - Wed & Thurs

Mrs Kelly Aves - Playworker - when cover is needed




The Breakfast Club opens at 7:30am.
When the children arrive they are offered a breakfast of toast and/or cereal or porridge.

We can cater for special diets such as, Dairy free and Gluten free.

The children can choose from any of the resources or equipment and are able to go outside to play on to playground from 8am.

At 8:40am the children all come together and we play a group game such as, heads down thumbs up, detective, Tony ball etc...

At 8:50am the children in Key Stage Two walk themselves over to their classroom and children in Foundation and Key Stage One are taken to their classroom doors.

Staff wait on the Key Stage One playground until all of children who have been at FFC have gone into the school building. This is when all messages and information is passed onto the child's teacher.



The Breakfast Club costs:

£6 per session for first child for whole session.

£5.40 (10% discount) for 2nd or more child for whole session.

All sessions must be pre-booked in advance and payment made via the School Gateway System.