After School Club

The After School Club is staffed by:

Mrs Sarah Harvey - Playleader - Mon, Thurs & Fri

Mrs. Victoria McLuskie - Playleader - Tues

Mr Ian Cuthbert - Playleader - Wed

Natasha Hanniford-Hill-Peters - Playworker - Tues

Mrs. Kelly Aves - Playworker - when cover is needed.



At 3:15pm when the school bell rings, the children in Foundation Class and Years One and Two are collected from their classroom doors and brought over to the Fantastic Fun Club building on the Key Stage One playground.
Children in Key Stage Two walk themselves over from their classrooms.

A register is called at 3:25pm to ensure all of the children who are booked in have arrived. If anyone has not arrived a member of staff goes to check where they might be, and checks with the class teacher.

Any children who are at after school clubs within the school are collected at 4:15pm and brought over to FFC.

When the children arrive at FFC there is always a bowl of fruit on the table for them to select something from and at around 4pm the children arre offered a snack, such as, toast, a sandwich or something else to keep them going until dinner time at home.

We can cater for different dietry requirements, such as Dairy Free, Gluten Free etc...

The children are free to choose the activities they want from the resources avaliable.

We encourage the children to use the outdoor space as much as possible on warm days.

If the sun is shining and the school pool is in action we regularly use this facility.

On a Thursday we escort children to and from their ballet lessons in the school and chapel next door.

We can heat up a packed tea, or keep it cool in our fridge for the children to enjoy around 5pm.

At 6pm the After School Club closes.



The After School Club is:

£8 for one child, for the whole session.

£7.20 for second or more child, for the whole session.

All sessions must be pre-booked in advance and payment made via the School Gateway System.