Collective Worship and Religious Education

A collective act of worship and assembly takes place every day which enables each child to experience and reflect on Christian worship and values which form the foundation of our school and strengthen understanding of belonging to the school family. There are themes for each week of the school year. Services are held in St Andrew’s Church for Christian festivals and Class led assemblies are usually held on a Friday afternoon. Parents are most welcome to attend these. Rewards and certificates to celebrate pupil achievement, good behaviour and initiative are often presented at this time.

Our school bases its religious education upon the Christian faith using approaches from the Diocesan Syllabus and Devon SACRE (Standing Advisory Council for Religious education) National Curriculum Document. Our aim is to provide children with an understanding of the beliefs and teachings of the Christian faith to make informed decisions about their own values and beliefs.

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from R.E. lessons and Collective Acts of Worship, details of which can be obtained from the Headteacher.