Homework is given out on a Friday, and needs to be handed in the following Wednesday. This gives time for it to be marked, before the next piece is given out. The children need to put their books in the 'Homework book box' or handed in to Miss Campion, otherwise it might not be marked.  

In addition to homework (which is completed in their red homework books), children also have fortnightly spellings. These are also given out on a Friday. The children have the same spelling list for two weeks; the first test (week 1) is a straightforward spelling test of the words and the second test (week 2) is the application test. Children must remember to bring their small blue spelling books into school every Friday, for the spelling test and so that their new spellings can be put in. 

Homework Spring Term

Roman Topic Homework Grid




Spellings to be tested 10.03.17 and 17.03.17

Spellings to be tested 24.03.17 and 31.03.17


Complete List of Spelling Words Year 3/4