Mount Edgcumbe Overnight Stay: 15th-16th June 2016

Last week, Year 3 were incredibly excited to travel to Mount Edgcumbe for their first overnight school trip. We arrived bright and early with all of our luggage packed. After a morning in school, we collected together everything we needed and headed off. Well, we tried to, but ran into complications with our coach needing replacing. However, we were soon off, with the coach driving us down to the Cremyll ferry, which we caught over to Mount Edgcumbe. Gary, a ranger and our guide, met us at the other side. Next, came the real challenge: carrying all of our bags up the big steep hill towards the main house. All children managed this exceptionally well and soon we were able to put our heavy bags down and set up our beds in the room we would be sleeping in later. After that, each armed with a map of the estate, we made our way up to the Deer Park, where a campfire and our dinner were waiting for us. We ravenously ate our fill of potatoes and sausages, and then enjoyed lots of activities, including frisbee, cricket, bracelet-making, parachute games and exploring the campsite (and teepee). When it started to get dark, we were kindly each given a glowstick provided by Mr Wing, and we poured a special powder on the fire to make different coloured flames.

We then packed up camp and made our way through the darkened park, keeping watch for deer, bats and badgers back to our accommodation. Thoroughly exhausted, we climbed into bed and all children fell straight asleep, not a single one waking up during the night. When morning came, with a renewed surge of energy, after a breakfast of cereal, croissants, fruit and toast, we excitedly made our way down to the beach.

On the beach, we scavenged for materials to create our own artwork in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. For lunch, we went up to the Stables Café, then headed back down to catch the ferry, after a brief stop in the play-park.

Year 3 had a brilliant time and were a credit to us with their behaviour and thoughtfulness. A huge thank you to the team of adults who accompanied us- we couldn't have done it without you!

Eden Project Trip: 11th May 2017

Year 3’s current topic is the Rainforest, so we were all very excited to have the opportunity to visit a real “rainforest in captivity” by going to the Eden Project.

On arrival, we were greeted by the Eden Education team and given an introduction to the site. After a quick snack we split into groups to explore. We loved going round the Rainforest biome. One of our favourite parts was the new cloud bridge which showed how quickly clouds can form in the rainforest. Most groups also had time for a quick look around the Mediterranean biome, which is looking especially colourful at this time of year.

In the afternoon, a member of the Eden team led us in a workshop called “Rainforest Rangers” where we investigated what it takes to become a rainforest ranger. After building our skills in the classroom area, we went into the Rainforest biome to explore how plants can help people find food, water and shelter. We were especially interested in the poison fish tree which, when cooked, can deoxygenate parts of a river to aid people catching fish.

We had a fantastic day, and wished we could have spent more time exploring all the Eden Project has to offer. Thank you to all our helpers. Please come into Year 3 classroom to see all the work we were inspired to do when we returned.


Year 3 have been enjoying sharing our favourite books with our friends. 

Archaeological Excavation

Year 3 became real archaeologists for the morning, excavating patches of earth in our school garden. We had to excavate really carefully and if we found something we had to go over to the Finds table and wash it off, pop it in a numbered finds bag and mark off on the site plan where we had found it. 

We found all sorts of interesting things including jewellery, coins, lots of keys, bits of pottery, metal and plastic and even a computer mouse! 


We're currently learning how to build and program robots using Lego WeDo 2.0. Here are some photos of us building Milo, the science rover. 

Orchard Visit

As part of our Apple Day events, Year 3 and 4 walked up to the orchard together to take part in some nature activities. In groups we made our own characters from natural materials and, after introducing them to each other, our next task was to build them a shelter to live in. We really enjoyed getting creative in the natural environment. We're so lucky to have such a great resource up in the orchard.

Kents Caverns

Year 3 had a fantastic time exploring Kents Caverns on Wednesday 21st September. We all agreed that the early start and the long journey were worth it because we not only had lots of fun, we also learnt so much about rocks and the Stone Age. Activities included a guided tour of the caves (even experiencing total darkness!) a woodland trail, digging for gems like archaeologists and handling real stone age artefacts.