Year 3s trip to Burrator. 

We had a fantastic time at Burrator Discovery Centre learning about Stone Age and Bronze Age Dartmoor.

We investigated hut circles, had a go at making our own fire and grinding grain, before designing and creating our own Bronze Age huts to sell to each other 

Our class learning

Multi-skills at Tavistock run by OCRA

On 4th October, Year 3 spent the morning at Tavistock Primary School, for a multi-skills event. We had the opportunity try lots of different events, building our skills at different sports, including fencing, running, football and basketball as well as obstacle courses, parachute games and ball activities. We all had a fantastic time. 

Year 3 Trip to Kent's Caverns 

On 25th September, Year 3 had am amazing time visiting Kent's Caverns in Torquay. We had a go at being archaeologists and examined artefacts found in the caves and hunted for hidden gems, before venturing deep inside the caves themselves.